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Cyber Security Awareness

Awareness is essential. Are you?

Every individual utilizing technology should receive education on Cyber Security, as it represents the simplest means to establish a secure cyber culture. Approximately 95% of cyber crimes are attributed to human behavior, with humans being susceptible to a significant vulnerability known as 'Trust.' The effectiveness of cybersecurity ultimately hinges on human reactions; therefore, it is imperative for every user to possess the awareness to identify and thwart scams.


This is the objective of the Cyber Tech Association – to empower users with Cyber Security awareness.

Training course

Join Our Program 

Our uniqueness in this field stems from our tailor-made content, crafted to suit the specific needs of the target audience.


Our training programs cater to:


- Students

- Employees

- Parents

- Officials

The Awareness is provided on various basics and 
important topics including!​

  • Usage of Social Media

  • Security for Smartphones

  • Threats in the Online Space

  • Safety Measures for Online Activities

  • Studies on Cyber Law and Cyber Crime

  • Parenting in the Digital Age

  • Security in Online Banking

  • Awareness Among Employees

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