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Microsoft Teams Nightmare: OutageDisrupts Daily Operations for Many

Updated: Jan 31

On Friday, Microsoft Teams had a major issue, leaving many users frustrated. Not  just Teams, but the whole Microsoft 365 system had problems, and some people  couldn't even connect to the Microsoft Store. The trouble started around 4:30  p.m. IST and continued until the end of the workday at 9:30 p.m. IST. 

Around 6:24 p.m. IST, the most significant impact was seen, with about 14,500  users in the United States reporting issues with Microsoft Teams. This unexpected  outage caused a lot of inconvenience, leading to widespread complaints on social  media and disruptions in people's work communication and collaboration. 

“Microsoft Teams outages reported in the last 24 hours” by  Downdetector’s online outage tracker

During the peak of the issue at 1:54 p.m. EST, Downdetector's  online outage tracker indicated that around 14,500 users in the  United States were facing problems with the workplace  collaboration and video conferencing app. This means that a  significant number of people were reporting issues with the  service at that particular time. 

why outage happened? 

The Microsoft Teams outage happened because of a networking  problem that impacted part of the Teams service. This issue  caused users to face various difficulties, such as trouble logging  in, missing messages and attachments, and delays in using the  platform's features.

In simpler terms, there was a technical glitch in the network  that affected how Teams worked, causing these disruptions for  users. 

Regional and Functional Impact: Microsoft Teams Outage 

  • Users in Canada and the UK, USA encountered issues with  Microsoft Teams. 

  • Several thousand users in South America, particularly in  Brazil, reported problems with Teams on various social  media platforms like X (formerly Twitter). 

  • More than 50% of users across Microsoft products  experienced difficulties with the applications themselves. • Some users specifically faced challenges with Outlook. • Others reported issues related to server network  connections. 

Company's Response 

  • In response to the widespread issues, Microsoft took  action by initiating failovers to address the problem. • Microsoft's 365 app, including Teams, initiated an  investigation into the outage. 

  • A few hours into the outage, Microsoft announced that  they had identified the issue and were actively  working on fixing it. 

  • Microsoft 365 stated as “We've identified a networking  issue impacting a portion of the Teams service, and we're performing a failover to remediate impact. Additional  information can be found under TM710344 in the admin  center,” Microsoft 365 posted on X.” 

  • Finally, At approximately 11:20 p.m. IST, Microsoft  shared on X that they had completed the failover in  the EMEA region, and there were signs of  improvement in service telemetry. 

  • However, in a later statement, Microsoft admitted that  users in the Americas were still experiencing issues  about 2 hours after the initial update.


  • The recent outage represents a noteworthy disruption  for Microsoft Teams, reminiscent of a four-hour outage  exactly one year ago. 

  • After successfully resolving the issues, Microsoft  communicated the resolution on Twitter with a tweet  stating, "It should be resolved for everyone now. Sorry  for the inconvenience. Let us know if you still see any  issues! " 

  • This message serves as an assurance to users that  the problems have been addressed, and they can  resume their normal work on Microsoft Teams without  further inconvenience. 

  • In conclusion, the incident highlights the periodic  challenges in the reliability of Microsoft Teams, but the  proactive resolution and communication efforts  demonstrate the company's commitment to  addressing and resolving such disruptions promptly.

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