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Security for Enterprises

Does your business employ information technology (IT) and rely on it for its daily operations?

In the contemporary business landscape, every organization relies heavily on IT, underscoring the importance of implementing adequate measures to safeguard against cyber threats. Given that hackers are ubiquitous, constantly attempting to exploit vulnerabilities and generate significant financial losses for businesses, it becomes imperative for companies to be vigilant.


Virtually every business has encountered cyber attacks, issues, or challenges. This is where Cyber Tech Association plays a pivotal role by providing essential services crucial for organizational security.

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Our Solutions for your Business!


Security Audits

Do you need to undergo security audits? Our team of audit experts is here to assist you, not only in navigating the audit process but also in successfully clearing it without any challenges. We provide comprehensive support for all cybersecurity-related audits.



Detect vulnerabilities in your systems, applications, networks, and more to assess the risk associated with potential losses resulting from exploitation by attackers. Our assistance not only ensures compliance with necessary regulations and standards but also guarantees protection against cyber attacks.


Employee Awareness & Training

Ensuring your employees can recognize and respond appropriately to cyber attacks or social engineering incidents is crucial. Our awareness and training strategies are specifically crafted to prevent your staff from falling victim to such attacks.

Additional service

1. Red Team Assessment

Our Red Team assists in evaluating the strength of your defensive mechanisms, providing insights into the security posture of your business. This analysis aids in strengthening defensive measures and shielding the business from real-time cyber threats. Notably, our service is unique in that we only charge if we identify any threats within your business.

2. GRC - Governanance Risk & Compliance

Effectively managing Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) is crucial for organizational security and building client trust. Our streamlined models prove to be highly effective across various industries for GRC management, ensuring optimal results.

3. Simulated phishing exercises

Phishing simulations assist businesses in gauging the proficiency of their employees in identifying and reporting phishing-based social engineering attacks. These simulations involve multiple emails and strategies to assess how each employee responds to such scenarios. A comprehensive report detailing the outcomes is then provided for analysis and improvement.

4. Third Party Risk Management

The Third Party or Vendor Risk Management is a very crucial part of the business these days, especially if your third parties are involved in critical process and have access to confidential or sensitive data. We help you assess your third parties to ensure that they have the required controls and ability to defend cyber attacks so that you manage them in the most effective way accordingly.

5. Cyber Attack Analysis

If you've experienced a cyber attack, whether it be a malware attack, unauthorized access, or similar incidents, our team of Cyber Experts is ready to assist. We can help you halt and recover from the attack while conducting a Root Cause Analysis to identify the source, enabling you to take necessary actions to prevent future occurrences.

6. Data Breach Analysis ​

Is any of your business data, including contracts, employee details, emails, etc., publicly accessible on the internet? Analyzing your business against potential data breaches is crucial, and if any such data is found, immediate action is necessary to mitigate risks. Our team of experts excels in searching the internet to identify any compromised data. Moreover, our payment is contingent upon discovering and addressing any breached data, ensuring a results-driven approach.

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